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Ian with his 5lb Bass

Ian Archer, Suffolk

I have been a beach angler for 25 years and quite often beach fishing along a shallow sandy coastline can be pretty frustrating at times, none more so than winter 2016-17. For 8 months I have caught nothing other than small Whiting and many other anglers in my area have suffered the same. I felt like giving up, but I noticed a can of Stinky Stuff Peeler crab in my local tackle shop and was intrigued so I bought some. To give Stinky Stuff a real test I used inexpensive squid bait only, which is regarded less effective than worm baits or peeler crabs.

Could Stinky Stuff transform the squid into a real fish catching bait? After the very first time of asking I had the best fishing session ever in those 25 years of trying. Sure i’ve caught nice fish before but never had I experienced a session like this. From cast one I was into a Dogfish then a smoothhound (a first for me) followed by another 5 Smoothhounds, and to top it all a 5lb Bass.

Without exaggeration I never had the chance to sit down. Had Stinky Stuff transformed my squid bait in something highly attractive? I’m certain of it. Thanks to Stinky Stuff my faith in beach fishing restored.

Ian Archer. Suffolk

Martin Stewart

Martin Stewart, Milton Keynes

My name is Martin Stewart, i’m 33 years old, and I now live in Milton Keynes. I have recently relocated from South Wales to be with my partner, which has now given me the opportunity to get out on the bank even more.

I originally started to use the stinky stuff brand whilst I was a keen sea angler, using this product always gave me the edge as I’d regularly catch from the boat and the shore. Last year I started back up into the carp scene and was lucky enough to meet a guy called Trevor at a fishery in Buckinghamshire, he actually helps produce the stinky stuff……small world!!

Being the helpful, knowledgeable and top guy that he is, he gave me a prototype krill based dip to put into my fishing, obviously I was a bit reluctant to start off with as I’d only ever used stinky stuff whilst sea fishing.

Well my first cast with a dunked bollie was a 28lb common! To say gob smacked was a understatement. At the end of the session I had banked some lovely carp, and to my surprise all on the stinky stuff!

I then went and bought a few spray cans and kept the krill dip tucked away in my bag. A few weeks had passed and I was gagging to get back out fishing and my partner said she’d had enough of that smell coming from my fishing bag!! Haha!!
So I went on a eight day trip to the teardrops complex in Milton Keynes. I took five kilo of bollies and a kilo pre-sprayed with my stinky stuff. On the first night I was into the carp and the next few nights were just fantastic fishing! They seemed so turned on to the oils and smell that my bait had been sprayed with, I think it was then I thought to myself I’m onto something good here, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t actually know a carp angler using it, so I soon realised I had the edge, which is what every angler wants.

On the 7th morning at 5:20am my left rod roared off and the battle began…….It was a stunning 25lb common, my partner was with me by this time and she took the photos. After my trip I sent you all my photos and you guys were kind enough to put me in touch with Justin fox at total carp. The actual photo published was the 25lb common with the Stinky Stuff, and teardrops getting a mention so that was another cracking trip on the stinky stuff, with excellent results!!

Not long after that I had to relocate back to Wales where I joined a local fishing club and started fishing straight away, again I was the only person using the stinky stuff on my bait. I had great success over the coming months and even managed 27 carp in one day, that was the lake record for the number of catches in a day!!

Due to work and not being with my partner I was soon back to living in Milton Keynes, I got hold of Trevor and explained the great success I’d been having since we met.

I was then given the opportunity to do three nights on a private water in Buckinghamshire, as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to do so as night fishing isn’t allowed on this particular complex.

Once again Trevor had a new prototype that he was working on…..the blob!! It smells like Stinky Stuff, but has a completely different texture, straight away I started dipping my bait into it and the results were outstanding! I did the three nights and landed just over 50 carp!!

Considering it is winter I was absolutely made up, I had 5×20’s and one just shy of 30lb! My alarms were buzzing hot by the third night. Stinky stuff has changed my outlook on the carp scene as you guys are clearly onto a winner and I am by far one happy costumer!!


Brill on Stinky Stuff

Lloyd Rush -

As part of a recent weeks boat trip to Alderney on board Supernova II out of Weymouth I had hoped to get some LRF fishing in around the Alderney Breakwater / Harbour walls.

Unfortunately, like many good plans, things went wrong quite quickly as the weather broke and strong NNW winds forced a change in plan and an early return to Weymouth after just one days fishing in Alderney. The LRF was a non starter.

During the one day boat fishing we targeted local inshore banks for Turbot. The fishing was very slow with no fish on the boat after a few drifts, with ten anglers on the boat it wasn’t looking too promising. I decided to give my Makkie Belly baits a good spray of ‘Stinky’ and dropped them overboard for the next drift.

Midway through the drift a Tell-Tale ‘donk’ as one of the baits got hit by a small fish. I immediately let the thumb off the spool, allowing a few moments for the fish to take the bait it just ambushed. A few moments I lifted the rod and the fish was on, this at least confirmed the ‘Stinky Stuff’ didn’t put them off!

Soon the first fish of the day was on the Boat and a nice Brill that was my first and as such a new PB. To be honest I was secretly hoping to break my Brill ‘Duck’ and couldn’t have been more pleased.

I repeated the treatment of baits (to the skippers horror) and took a Turbot on the next drift, and one on the drift after that too! A few of the other lads on the boat noted the ‘Bacon / Soya’ smell, it certainly gave me some confidence and in my opinion a quality edge. Although there were a few Turbot taken later using standard baits, as a boat we took a total of about 16 fish between the 10 Anglers. I’d taken 4 Turbot and 1 Brill in my days fishing, more than average on a very average to hard days fishing. Well done Stinky Stuff.

I would strongly recommend anyone fishing against me NOT to buy a can of this stuff.

A Stinky Cod

Gordon McKay - Boat Fishing

Things were a bit slow with the boat fishing,so decided to give your “Stinky Stuff” a go. Using two identical sets of gear behind the boat,the only fish caught was on the “Stinky Stuff” treated lure. I will be using it again in the next few days to see if again outfishes the untreated rigs.

Made the cardinal mistake using the spray into the wind and can only say it tastes like barbeque monster munch! Tip for others put the bait/tackle in a bucket before spraying, you will use a lot less and be more accurate

Stinky Stuff

Adam Spearing - Match Win

I ordered stinky stuff last week and it arrived on friday. I had a match on saturday at lakelands in essex. The fishing was very slow and with 2 hours to go I only had a couple of silvers and 1 carp. I saw some fish show near an empty platform.

I set up a method feeder with 4mm pellets moulded round it. I decided then to try out the stinky stuff. I moulded the pellets around the feeder and sprayed stinky on it. I was amazed at how the stuff adhered to the pellets, nothing dripped off.

The smell reminded me of bovril. Just 2mins later the tip rapped round and it never stopped after that! i ended up winning the match with 31lbs 10ozs. I wanted to keep the spray secret, unfortunately the guy next to me came over at the end of the match and said” i keep smelling smoky bacon coming from your swim, whats that stuff your spraying?” he saw the can and picked it up and examined it and said “ I am gonna order myself a can when i get home” next match is tomorrow and i’m gonna keep it hidden”

Many additives just don’t live up to there claims. Congratulations on creating a fantastic product. I will defnately promote your product to people I know.

Nick Rowe

Nick Rowe, Bolingey Match Win

I have been going to Whiteacres for the past 9 years, for a holiday, fishing was a bonus. This year I decided I wanted to do better than be an average angler. Therefore I have put a lot more time in practising at Alders before going.

We practised Saturday and Sunday ready for the Gold match on Monday, but drew the wrong end so just practised a few things for later in the week. Come Thursday the rover day I was ready, drew 103 pick out of 120, took pick 14 on Trewlaney, fished a pellet feeder with hair rigged meat and sprayed the pellet feeder with the stinky stuff and had 63lb 14oz which was 15th out of 120.

The next match was on Bolingey. This is a 32 peg match on one of the noted fisheries in the South West. Come the draw I drew peg 17, I had a rough idea how to fish it. Feeder across and a pole line at 5m. Come the “all in” I chucked the pellet feeder over and not even a liner.

Finally after 40imins a bite a bite and a 3lb Mirror Carp was in the net. I decided to give the 5m a go, a bite but it was a 2lb eel. Things weren’t looking good, almost 2 hours up and 5lb in the net. Ok I thought, lets give the stinky stuff a bash, so I sprayed the pellet feeder baited up and cast the feeder across, no sooner had I put the rod down it was flying off the rest! Great I thought , maybe I have a chance, but who knows. The Carp were queing up afrer that and I caught all the way through to the final whistle, spraying the pellet feeder every 3 chucks. Come the weigh in I had won;

1st Nick Rowe – 99lb 4oz
2nd 84lb
3rd 81lb

Thanks stinky stuff for creating a fantastic product that will change fishing for the better, Best regards.

British Record Crucian Carp

Josh Blavins, British Crucian Carp Record Holder

I hold a share of the British Crucian Carp record with Martin Bowler. I am an all-round angler who match and specimen fishes.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some stinky stuff about two years ago and haven’t gone anywhere without it. It’s fantastic for the short sessions I normally fish especially in the winter. With the a stinky bait I can attract the fish without feeding them and get them rooting around looking for my bait. In many cases it can produce a bite in minutes from a seemingly barren swim. In some short evening sessions I have had over 20 20s with 8 over 25lb up to 28lb 4oz; most caught very quickly even when others are struggling on the lake.

I have recorded 15 open match wins last year setting lake records along the way and framed a large percentage of the time; my top weight was 446lb with 2 300+ weights 14 200+ and 31 100+.

Just one of the Results, See Image Gallery for More

Paul Marsden, Pioneer Bait Solutions

We at have been testing Stinky stuff additive for the last 12 months in some of our bait products, we were chosen as we would be completely independent, in fact none of our field testers were told that the product (Stinky Stuff) was in their baits so as to keep things secret but also get an honest response from my testers thus keeping a lid on the secret testing.

There was a remarkable improvement in the catch rates of the testers that had the product in their baits to the point that we are now in discussion with the company to allow us to purchase the additive so we can include it in our range of products permanently.

We are totally convinced that Stinky stuff is a great fish attractor and is now in my personal top ten fish attractors. There has been allot of research and hard work gone into this product and the results speak for themselves .

We at Pioneer baits solutions are both flattered and honoured to have been approached to do this testing, as the owner of the company pointed out “it’s in the name Pioneer Bait Solutions” and our range of products were exactly what they were looking for in the owners of Stinky Stuffs words “some of the best boilies we’ve have seen” – So to I will be cheeky at this point could you check out our site on the above link – always remember the Stinky Stuff.